Circularity, why and how do we approach it?

Did you know that in the Benelux, around 267 million kilos of garments end up on landfills or in incinerators every year? At the same time, garments are produced from new textile fibres in large numbers. This can and must be improved.Fibres from end-of-life textiles are in many cases usable as a new qualitative raw material, if the different types of textile are properly separated from each other and transformed in mono-flows. Our innovative Wear2®  Ecostitching concept makes this easily possible.

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Award-winning technology for a circular concept

A condition for upcycling textile is that it is separated per type (mono current). Work clothing, among other things, often consists of many different types of textiles, such as logos, labels, zippers and high-visibility tapes on safety clothing. Wear®  ECOSTITCHING TECHNOLOGYis an award-winning technology that enables full disassembly of end-of-life clothing process them in a high-quality and even circular manner.

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Easy integration and a sustainable investment

Doesn’t integrating a circular system in your business process cost a huge amount of time, resources and adjustments? On the contrary, with the Wear2®  RETURN SYSTEM, we take care of the complete logistics regarding your textile removal and apply our Wear2®  ECOSTITCHING TECHNOLOGY to give clothing new life. No radical changes to your process are necessary.

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Sustainable solutions

Do you want to make your clothing production process more sustainable? Doing so starts already during the design phase, in which we provide you with advice and products about circular possibilities. At WEAR2GO we like to think along with you about sustainable, efficient and affordable solutions.


WEAR2GO is working hard on sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions for a healthy future and planet. Together with other innovative partners, such as suppliers, clothing producers / brands and textile processors, we face the immense challenge of creating a structural solution for the disposal of end-of-life textiles. We are committed to this every day, so are you?

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