Added value and benefits of WEAR2GO concepts

The end of the linear waste economy with all the environmental, human- and social disadvantages is near. Throwing things away is outdated: circularity is the future. But what are the benefits for your company?

From waste to valuable material
WEAR2GO makes disassemble of end-of-life textiles possible. Because of this, textile mono-flows can be reused for recycling or fibre-for-fibre upcycling, value is added to material that was previously regarded as waste.

New business models
The WEAR2GO concept WEAR2™ ECOSTITCHING TECHNOLOGY not only makes recycling new (obsolete) or end-of-life clothing possible, but also easy de- or rebranding for reuse or resale is in some cases a good alternative to avoid the shredder, landfill or incinerator. An excellent opportunity for the implementation of new business models.

Easy to implement
WEAR2™ ECOSTITCHING TECHNOLOGY can be applied without problems and without significant modifications to design and production. The accessibility to this technology makes it really easy and affordable for designers and clothing producers to work with circular end-of-life-textiles.

Carefree corporate social responsibility
With the WEAR2™ RETURN SYSTEM, allstakeholders in the chain are unburdened and transparently informed about the sustainable follow-up of returned textiles. In addition, we support and advise leading multinational end-of-life textile processors in the creation of sustainable infrastructures that accelerate circularity.

Brand and company image
The term sustainability is being used by an increasing amount of companies in their proposition. Unfortunately, there are many examples of “greenwashing” where corporate social responsibility is only mentioned for PR purposes. Because WEAR2GO concepts make the value chain transparent, you can actually substantiate the sustainable vision of your company.

WEAR2GO starts in the Benelux with the processing of end-of-life textile waste with integrated microwave technology. With the application of WEAR2™ ECOSTITCHING TECHNOLOGY, a future circular international solution becomes possible.

Wear2 ® Thread is at least as good and as strong compared to currently used regular sewing yarns. Even the sewing speed is comparable. Why not apply this as ‘the standard’when this opens the door to far reaching sustainable solutions?Even if processing textile waste with integrated microwave technology is not yet available on a large scale, a future sustainable / circular solution will be possible with the use of the Wear2®  ;Ecostiching Technology.

Also applicable for making fashion and casual wear circular but also offers perspective for other product groups such as shoes, furniture, curtains, mattresses but also for automotive in case of seat and interior upholstery.