Circular Protocol

Wear2Go Circular Protocol, the basis for circular ambitions

In the transition to more sustainable production and processing methods, clothing manufacturers and suppliers in the chain are increasingly being held responsible for the responsible disposal of end-of-life textile products.

Laws and regulations are being tightened to ensure this. We also see that more and more producers – brands and retailers – are themselves choosing socially responsible, sustainable alternatives and solutions. Make it easy for yourself, choose the system and approach of the Wear2Go Circular Protocol. Conforming to this sustainable approach makes circular textiles truly realistic.

This protocol is driven by the conclusions and recommendations of the European INTERREG Project CircTex, with which Wear2Go has worked intensively over the past 3 years with a conglomerate of several specialized international companies focusing on innovative circular textile solutions. This INTERREG CircTex project has also been the basis for the development of the circular NEN textile base standard NTA 8195, in which circular categories and requirements have been established by specialized textile chain partners under the leadership of NEN. NTA 8195 is now also at the basis of the development of a European Circular Textile Standard (CE) which will become reality. NEN is the knowledge network within the Netherlands for standards development and application at both national and international level.