Circular textile

Wear2® Ecostitching Technology is a key technology that makes it possible to disassemble clothing at the end of its life using the innovative sewing thread Wear2® Thread and Electromagnetic Energy.

The technology is based on a sewing thread that loses its strength after a treatment of 70 seconds, making it easy to separate everything that has been sewn with it.

Without manual (brute) force, scissors or (torsion) knives, as is currently the case and is hardly ever used. This is because this form of disassembly is simply too inefficient and too costly, which is why it almost never happens. Even in so-called low-wage countries.

And because end-of-life textile processors can’t do much with mixed textiles, valuable raw materials often end up in low-value processing or are even burned.

Wear2® Ecostitching Technology: Basis for circular closed loop textiles.