Separation hub

A separation hub with social functionality
Wear2Go works together with the social enterprise WVS, so that we people who have a smaller chance in the labour market, can offer important work in our separation hub.

Why is this collaboration so important?
For WVS, social entrepreneurship means creating social added value, entrepreneurship from the heart.

WVS offers people, who cannot easily find a job due to physical or psychological limitations, an opportunity. People who lack education or the right qualifications are also eligible. In this way they have valuable daytime activities, feel useful, and actively participate in society.

WVS, with Headquartered in Roosendaal (the Netherlands) is an organization that employs more than 2,500 employees in five locations and in several external workplaces. WVS makes people work with both subject-oriented education and training focused on employee skills and personal development.

Believe in opportunities
We believe in opportunities. A chance to learn and grow.

A chance to participate and to mean something to society. And a chance to work together.

Because we know what work does for people and society. And we believe we can get more out of ourselves but also from other people.