Clean textile Industry with focus on circularity

As declared by Greta Thurnberg at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos in January 2020, “Our house is on fire.” Yet despite the warning signs, progress to limit global warming remains slow and inadequate. Now, as the world grapples with the disruption of covid-19—a crisis that at once threatens climate action and reinforces the need for collective efforts—businesses and governments are realizing that they can’t simply return to normal.

As a textile industry, we cannot accept that the CO2 emissions of our industry are greater than all international air traffic and shipping combined. And that 20% of industrial water pollution comes from dyeing textiles.

Many feel responsibility and are at the basis of beautiful innovative and workable ideas that are now being transformed into workable circular solutions. The problem is too complex, so that not 1 idea will provide the solution. But many of these ideas can already generate a lot of impact.

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