sewing thread


Patented technology for textile disassembly Wear2 ® Thread (sewing thread)

An award-winning and patented technology which enables a quick and easy disassembly of clothing at end of life. This by using the innovative sewing thread Wear2®  and Microwave technology. Different types of textiles and accessories such as different textiles, logos and labels, tags, zippers, buttons and high-visibility tapes can therefore easily be removed. After this, textiles are transformed into mono streams allowing high-quality recycling with absolute focus on fiber for fiber. After separating the various materials, textiles are processed by the best international fiberizes, spinners, weavers and clothing producers into new high-quality garments. Separated textile types (mono streams) for which this is impossible are partially downcycled into new, sustainable end products under the name Wear2®  Product.

Wear2 ® Thread (sewing thread)

To successfully apply our WEAR2™ ECOSTITCHING TECHNOLOGY, garments must be produced using Wear2 ® Thread. These patented sewing threads are composed out of recycled polyester in combination with an innovative core composition partly consisting of Copper Sulfide. This core will be broken by a targeted microwave technology, which makes fast disassembly of different textile types possible.