At WEAR2GO we believe that sharing knowledge is the basis for a circular future. But knowledge alone is not enough if we do not take action. That’s why we do not only advise on the implementation of a circular production method, but also support and facilitate with Wear2 ® Consultancy to help take the first steps towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly process.

Wear2® Consultancy for clothing designers

Upon request, we at WEAR2GO are happy to share our expertise in the field of Eco-design. To be able to produce circular, it is important to take this into account during the design phase. That is why we make designers aware of the consequences and possibilities of the final design and materials in relation to assembly by end-of-life. The Netherlands Standardisation Institute (NEN) together with some sustainable partners including wear2 have since taken the initiative for the creation of a Circular Textile Standard. WEAR2GO wants to contribute to this by embedding these standards and guidelines in the design process.

Transparency in collaboration with NDI

Transparency is important for us to be able to locate and process the various textile types and materials when returning. For this purpose, a passport has been developed in collaboration with the National Sustainability Institute (NDI), which is attached to the clothing by using a QR code and / or chip, so that it can be easily identified. Simultaneously, transparency also offers opportunities for your marketing communication. Clients and consumers attach increasingly importance to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. This offers you an excellent opportunity to profile your company as such, supported by a clear approach and method.