microwave technology

Through advanced microwave technology, garments sewn with our Wear2 ® Thread yarn can easily be disassembled. When using the WEAR2™ RETURN SYSTEM this could be done in the WEAR2GO separation hub.

The success of this innovative microwave technology

What makes Wear2 ® industrial microwave technology a success?

  • Microwave technology is an advanced processing technology for industrial production applications.
  • The energy consumption of the Wear2 ® Microwave is significantly lower compared to other industrial and private microwaves.
  • The short processing time (the assembly takes only 50-70 seconds) ensures a high processing speed.
  • The efficient technology and high throughput speed enable the processing of high volume, which makes the process financially attractive.
  • The microwave technology is resistant to metal parts and accessories, such as buttons and zippers.