Wear2® Tunnel Disassembler

By means of electromagnetic energy, garments sewn with our Wear2® Thread can be easily disassembled.

In our demo separation hub with a Tunnel Disassembler developed for this purpose, which is also suitable for large industrial volumes, we facilitate this process and are happy to demonstrate the operation and progress of this circular process.

Tunnel Disassembler

Specially developed industrial Tunnel Disassembler uses Electromagnetic Energy to make Wear2® threads lose their strength within 70 seconds, allowing seams to be quickly undone.

This makes it fast and easy to disassemble clothing made of mixed materials and accessories, transforming them into monomaterials, which is necessary for high-quality textile processing.

Electromagnetic energy is a proven process technology that has already been widely used, and for decades, for various industrial production applications.

  • Proven process technology for large-scale industrial production applications
  • Seams are selectively treated, making disassembly of the textile product  easy.
  • Efficient technology and high throughput make it possible to process high volumes, making the process financially attractive.
  • The technology is insensitive to the use of metals in clothing components and accessories such as buttons and zippers.
  • Very low energy consumption; at full power, it uses 27 kWh.
  • Capacity of 500 kg or approximately 900 garments per hour, but versions with even larger capacity are possible.
  • The unit has a digital control system (RFID) for safe and easy use.

This innovative Tunnel Disassembler was developed and built for Wear2Go, and is now operational in the first demo separation hub in the Benelux.

This hub will be used to invite textile chain partners, including the waste management industry, to evaluate this technology and stimulate possible application in their business models.

Wear2Go wants to support this disassembly technology with knowledge and service in order to enable high-quality processing of (end-of-life) textiles on a large industrial scale.

Finally, linear consumption is no longer appropriate for this time and certainly not when a solution is available.